The Beginning of House Kalevala – Part 1

With the arrival of the new Knight Codex, I was instantly intriqued by the thought of fielding an army of massive machines to combat various opponents. While I generally tend to align myself with the forces of Chaos, none of the Loyalist or Chaos Houses really did it for me so I decidedto make my own. House Kalevala was born.

Inspired by Finnish mythology, House Kalevala hails from a sub artic death world. The House name of Kalevala is actually the name of the Finnish Epic poem and is the folklore that I developed the house around.

The colors of House Kalevala are pale blue, gold yellow, red, and white. I envision the house and it’s knights to be very stark and not flashy by any means. The entire knight house will be painted in a Grim Dark scheme despite having brighter colors. After years of conflict with other houses, House Kalevala’s knights have little time for the luxury of embellishments to their mounts.


CurrentlyI’m working on solidifying the basecoats of my first mount, Surma. In Finnish mythology, Surma is the guardian to the underworld of Tounela. Literally meaning ” violent death”, the mount lives up to its reputation when tracking down its pretty and dispatching it with its massive reaper chainfist or its lethal flame cannon.


With the upper part of the carapace nearly done, I’ll go about tackling the rest of the plate armor tonight. I have much masking to do if I want to create knightly crests and other stoic iconography suitable for Surma.

Until next time, have a good one!


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