New Backer Rewards Page for Easier Content Access

Good Afternoon!

I have just added a new page for easier content access that will help backers/supporters claim their associated rewards.


At the top right of the landing page you will see a new menu item called “GDC Backer Rewards” new menu

Access to the page has been restricted to supporters of the Grim Dark Compendium.

To gain access to this growing video library simply browse the GDC Entries and pledge support to the faction of your choice.

As a reminder no content will be created for a single faction until the entire funding goal has been met.

For a more in depth explanation of the Grim Dark Compendium and how it works follow this link.

backer pagge

Those with access, will land on this page which will have access to a list of all GDC Entries that are active, complete and/or currently being contributed to.

For now Legio Custodes stands alone, so start thinking about new Compendium Entries to support!

To access downloadable content simply click the picture associated with your pledge.

As another layer of protection users will only be able to access Rewards they have pledged for.

Clicking on a link for an Entry you haven’t pledged for will result in an error message.

LC Page

Next, users will be taken to the library of content that is associated with their pledge.

Clicking each entry’s picture or “Read More” tab will then take them a download screen.


DL page

Finally users will arrive on the page with the download option. Clicking the download button will start the down of the selected video.

Thank you all and please let me know what you think of this feature.


Second Entry to Grim Dark Compendium: Legio Custodes to be Released Tomorrow.

Make sure to keep tabs on those emails as I will be sending out the Telemon Tutorial tomorrow.

This one is a doozy, laden with a plethora of techniques using acrylics, oils, enamels and more!

I will try to keep it to a manageable length but man there is a lot to cover!

As always I appreciate the support and everyone who is helping me on this journey!