Jacob Richards

Jacob Richards

Hailing from the at-times frozen state of Minnesota with his wife and his baby son, Jake enjoys building scale models and indulging himself in photography.  Having picked up a paintbrush almost a whole decade ago, Jake’s focus towards building models became more acute in the past five years thanks to having been introduced to various weathering techniques and the realism that can be achieved at smaller scales.

Jake’s love for the Grim Dark emerged from his approach of taking model tanks and vehicles and making them look as gritty as they would in real life.  He loves to study the effects weather, combat, and other factors can have on various materials and then incorporate what he’s learned into various projects.  An avid reader of the Horus Hersey Series, and a fan of the artwork that accompanies it, Jacob loves to convert and paint his figures to match the grim, gritty, and dire atmosphere of the 40K universe.

Through Septus Folium, Jake looks forward to sharing his projects and helping others broaden their approaches to the way they approach their models.

Representative Works