Hobby How to Guide: UHU Application for Blood and Slime Effects

What’s up guys! I will posting some free content on the blog from now on, so keep a close eye out!

Here is the first entry!

In this video I explore the usage of UHU’s All Purpose Adhesive in creating stunning blood and slime effects!

Check the link Below to navigate to video.



Watch the Video Here!


Second Entry to Grim Dark Compendium: Legio Custodes to be Released Tomorrow.

Make sure to keep tabs on those emails as I will be sending out the Telemon Tutorial tomorrow.

This one is a doozy, laden with a plethora of techniques using acrylics, oils, enamels and more!

I will try to keep it to a manageable length but man there is a lot to cover!

As always I appreciate the support and everyone who is helping me on this journey!

Grim Dark Compendium: Legio Custodes Gets First Entry!


Hi guys!

We have FINALLY caught up with our work load and have completed the first entry of the Grim Dark Compendium: Legio Custodes. (Currently rendering files)

The first video will be a standard look at troops using simple basing, weathering and our simplified OSL technique.

Thank you for all of those that have contributed to funding this entry into the Grim Dark Compendium.

We will be sending out private links to all backers of the project as well uploading the first video of the series to Youtube!